Iveela Home Decoration Co.,LTD. , a creative company,has the core business in manufacturing high creative and novel home decorative clocks.

Our Vision is to create a unique market by producing novel and creative style clocks which could lead the trend of home decoration. Our products are price pointed to offer not the lowest price, but the best value, thereby giving us a sustainable point of difference as a supply chain. We offer a diverse range of clocks and other home decorative products and related accessories. We deliver the highest level of personal and professional service for our clients and  provide excellent after sales backup service.

We enjoy a growing awareness that the creative designing ideas brings to our products and have become a desired supply for an ever increasing variety of products. Our factory in Yiwu city enables efficient and cost effective producing and distribution of our products. If you would like to know more about our products or inquire about becoming a dealer phone us



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